Waji's Forever Labs Story

Posted by Jessica Frisenda on

There are several ailments that run in my family, (degenerative bone disease, diabetes, and more). I am in relatively good health and I'd like to not only live as long as possible but with a very high quality of life.

The opportunity to have unlimited permanent access to my 44 year old stem cells was too good to pass up. The small investment now could turn out to be invaluable as I get older.

You hear horror stories about the pain associated with donating bone marrow, so, needless to say I was a bit nervous going in. It was nothing even close to what I was dreading. I didn't even feel the needle going in. Really the only thing I felt was slight cramping, but honestly I have worse cramping in the gym. I was actually in the gym later that evening.

Forever Labs was a huge source of information, to not only what to expect, but the potential benefits and the multitude of other questions I had. Thank you so much and I'm proud to be one of the first few of what I'm sure will be tens if not not hundreds of thousands of people that will benefit from this exciting new field in medicine and science.

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