Frequently Asked Questions


What research links stem cells to a healthier and longer life?

More than 500 registered human clinical trials use bone marrow stem cells for treatment of age-related disease, and many trials are currently in phases II and III. Furthermore, young stem cell treatments in animal models suggest that these cells have the potential to increase healthspan, and possibly even lifespan. Ever-increasing evidence shows that these benefits may be replicated in humans as well. See our Research Page for more detailed information.


What is the ideal age to store?

We recommend the procedure be performed between the ages of 18 and 60. Ideally, the younger you are, the better. However as the loss and decline of bone marrow stem cells continues throughout one's life, storing at any age may provide benefits to your future self.


Why bone marrow stem cells?

Bone marrow is a wellspring for stem cells. These stem cells replenish your blood, bone, immune system, and other vital tissues and body systems. Research suggests the decline in the number and viability of bone marrow stems cells plays a role in the physical decline associated with aging. In fact, simply injected genetically-matched young stem cells into aged mice significantly increases their lifespan.


Can I use my stem cells for other purposes?

Yes. The stem cells are yours to access at any time. If you wish to use them for other purposes, we will provide them to you. Also, your cells are stored in multiple chambers, and can be accessed more than once.


Can stem cells be expanded?

Yes. Stem cells can be expanded by growing them in culture, and this is often done in clinical trials using stem cells.


What is the procedure like?

Bone marrow stem cell collection is a minimally invasive out-patient procedure performed with local anesthetic. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes. Most clients report a fleeting (5-10 second) pressure-like sensation upon withdrawal. The procedure is low-risk and does not leave scarring. Each of us at Forever Labs has had the procedure. Feel free to reach out and talk to us about it.


How much does it cost?

The price for stem cell collection typically ranges between $2000 to $2500. There is a storage cost of $250 per year. Alternately, a one-time payment includes both the stem cell collection and lifetime storage. Reach out to us for family, group, veteran, or employer pricing. Forever Labs also offers concierge packages, please contact us for more information.