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Welcome, friends!

This inaugural edition of the ForeverLabs blog will attempt to help you make sense of our company, our mission, and why you should continue to check our blog from time to time.

The goals of our organization are simple. We endeavor to put you in the driver seat for your own health. One can’t turn on a television without being bombarded with ads every commercial break for health and wellness products. One of the worst kept secrets is that most of these products are peddled by charlatans and have little scientific basis, if any at all.

Health and Wellness

Of course, for the best overall health and longevity, there is no substitute for diet and exercise. Walk a few miles a day and avoid soda, and you’ll be on your way to the top few percent of American health nuts. But is there more that can be done? We want more. We are dedicated to the idea that modern science has given us a unique opportunity to maintain a piece of our youthful selves into the future, maybe even well into the future. We sit at an inflection point for health and wellness that we predict will change some of the ways in which people think about their own health.

As you may have guessed, I’m talking about stem cells, specifically, those from your bone marrow. Bone marrow cells (MSC for short) contribute to a myriad of systems in the body. They help make your blood. They rebuild connective tissue. They create a good deal of your immune system. They may even make new brain cells in some rare cases! More and more, we see stem cells and MSCs in particular, employed in clinical practice for things such as joint healing and cosmetic procedures for skin. The downside is that these treatments rely on using your stem cells as they currently exist.

Sadly, as we age we tend to lose our MSCs. This inevitable loss has been correlated to many health deficits, including cognitive decline, general malaise, and a failure to recover from injuries. The good news is that when you’re relatively young and healthy, your stem cells have remarkable ability to replenish themselves. At ForeverLabs, we will exploit this very important fact for your benefit. We will remove a small portion of your bone marrow, isolate its essential cells (MSCs and others), and store them for you for as long as you like.

Our mission

Our mission is to let everyone access their own MSCs as late in life as they wish. Each year, more treatments that are based on MSC therapy become available. It is our contention that there is no better donor than your younger, healthier self.The science is on our (your) side, and is becoming clearer all the time. This blog will be a portal for you to learn about new developments in the evolving world of MSC science, a place where you can find interesting bits and find out about what it all means to you. We hope that you will come, stay, read, and reflect on this new and promising frontier in medicine.

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