Stop your stem cells
from aging.

Forever Labs stores your
stem cells so you can live
healthier, longer.

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The Forever Labs Service


A Forever Labs physician collects your stem cells in a simple, out-patient procedure, that takes about 15 minutes.


Your stem cells are cryogenically frozen and safely stored in an FDA-compliant clinical-grade biorepository.


Your stem cells are stored until you need them to combat age-related diseases with advanced therapies.

Why Store My Stem Cells?

Your young adult stem cells are uniquely valuable to you. They can be used to fight disease, and have the potential to be used in anti-aging therapies in development.

However, as we age, our stem cells decline in number and quality. Storing your stem cells for future reintroduction may help you live a healthier, longer life.

Healthier Life
Fight Disease
Quality Time

An Introduction to Forever Labs

From Our Team at Forever Labs

At Forever Labs, our goal is good health for everyone. We believe that science, human ingenuity, and the fortune of having been born at a time when all things seem possible, have given us a unique opportunity to improve the human condition. As we pursue this purpose, the following principles serve as pillars in our day-to-day function.

First, we honor every client’s trust in Forever Labs. They are the heart of our business. In return for that trust, we deliver the highest level of service and the highest quality of care for their irreplaceable stem cells. They receive no less than our full effort in return for their investment.

Second, we honor the work of the physicians who perform our procedures. If our clients are the heart of Forever Labs, then these medical practitioners are our limbs. Their role is indispensable, and we serve their needs as attentively as those of our customers. To grow and thrive, we rely upon these gifted physicians, and as we do so, we deliver to an equally high standard.

Third, we maintain the highest level of scientific integrity. We apply the most current developments in science with a comprehensive and discerning eye. We keep our clients informed as these advancements in stem cell therapy increase the value of their cellular assets. We are the eyes and ears for our clients, always keeping them aware of developments in this cutting-edge field as they unfold. Learn more about our team here.

Forever Labs

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